School Visits

Medieval & Tudor Living History

  • Inclusive & interactive experiences delivered in a day of history and fun

  • Learn how crafts supported the life of people in Medieval/Tudor times

  • Look at arms and armour of an archer

  • Compare how rich and poor people lived

Armour - trying on various items, under strict supervision. (This is real armour including, helmets, swords, jackchains, billhook and wild boar spear).

Arms - children experience the life of a bill man using safe wooden replica arms taking part in marching a drill.

Black Death - Disease, health and medicine are explored!

Clothing - a variety of garments, rich and poor for children to dress in.

Crafts - hands on experience in rope making, skipping rope for the class and beehives.

Food - using all their senses to re-create history, smells and sights of various spices and dishes.

Housing - artefacts to show how hard life was between townspeople and villagers - between rich and poor.

Puppets - meet St. George and his dragon for some moments of mayhem!

Re-enactment - A whole class re-enactment of the Peasant's Revolt. Using the King's crown, flags, wooden (safe) swords and assorted medieval clothing to help set the scene.

If you have a particular preference for any of these topics or have others you wish to be covered, I will be more than happy to discuss this with you in more detail prior to my visit.